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Postdoctoral fellows: We have an open position available in the area of transcription regulation.  Self-motivated applicants are expected to have a strong background in bioinformatics, biochemistry,  molecular biology (or a related discipline) with an eagerness to make their marks on the new field of functional trans-splicing.  Interested applicants should send their CV and list of references to

Graduate students: We accept graduate student applications through the BIMS program.  We invite young, unrestricted minds to join the exciting ride.

Undergraduate students: We consider undergraduates from all departments at UVA but look seriously at first- or second-semester sophomores.  Students who inquire should be willing in principle to commit to staying with our lab during the academic year until their graduation.  Undergraduates will typically volunteer their first year, work for credit their second year, and pursue a senior-design project in their third year.  Expected time commitments are 10-15 hours per week, preferably in blocks of 3-5 hours at a time.  We try to welcome one new undergraduate student to the lab per year, depending on the availability of graduate and postdoctoral mentors.

Research staff: We are not currently looking for research staff at this time.

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